Boomstick Bi Level

A secondary deck to create more leverage with your tricks. *OUT OF STOCK*
This product is not currently available for purchase, please check back later.

The heavyweight champion of high-end wakeskates

The bi-level Boomstick is composed of a solid, snappy, eco-friendly, super saucy wood with a smooth concave, making it easier to always land on the bolts. Several dusks and dawns ago, Reed Hansen and the boys sourced some lively materials to throw in a 14 lb. stockier skate, offering more board control, both on the water and leaving it from this added weight. A bi-level shape creates a more consistent, quicker swing weight than
a traditional single level skate, yet still has
the stability for somebody just taking the drop. Having a top deck separated from the water line means that if a skater is off axis they will have
a greater chance of recovery with the 2 decks working independently of one another. Our most advanced technology, ridden by our sport’s greatest skater – yet still has the swing weight and balance points that work for first timers. Comes with a lively Paulownia bottom deck, and a stiffer Maple top deck. 

+ Hybrid Rocker

+ Compression Molding 

+ Obese Technology

+ Sintered Base

+ ABS Sidewall

+ 2 - .8” Wakeskate Fins 

Size Chart

(Sq Inches)
(LBS Range)
40 564" 1.8" 15.4″ 8.2/Bended Up to 165 lbs
42 577" 1.9″ 15.4″ 8.2/Bended Up to 180 lbs
44 594" 2.0″ 15.4″ 8.2/Bended 155 lbs and Up