3-stage explosion meets a new school boot


Like the 3-stage rocker amplitude storyline of the Darkside, but would rather have a stripped down all-foam alternative? We proudly present the new Weekend, a lighter, more traditional feel and snap off the wake at a more affordable value. Sits deeper on edge, for a more stable connection between rider, board, and the waterline.


Our most advanced open toe boot combines all of our newest engineering marvels into one. Built on our new Mainframe and wrapped in Super Straps, the Anthem Boot blends the support of a closed toe design with the option to fit multiple sizes. The best fitting open toe boots to date bring performance and adjustability to a new level, and have never looked so good.

• Increased Sidecut

• G&R Technology

• Concave Bottom

• Variable Rail

• 4 Fiberglass 1.0” Ramp Fins

• MainFrame Technology

• Super Straps

• Stage 2 Liner

• 3D Molded Tongue

• Built In J-Bars

• Feetbelts

• Totally Rad Foam

• Double Stuff Footbed

• Ankle Shields

• FlexForm Heel & Ankle Panels

Symmetrical: 6