Julia Rick

Park Team | Germany

Julia Rick is a girl from Cologne, Germany who always wants to push the sport in the women’s division . She is the current WWA Wake Park World Champion in both divisions, Women’s Professional and Women’s Features. That proves how she is stepping up the level in women’s riding not only in air tricks but also in rail riding. As the first girl in the world at the cable she has landed the Frontmobe, KGB and Mobe 5.
She loves to edit small videos of her shredding cables all over the world and having fun on and off the water.
2016 IWWF World Champion
2016 WWA World Champion
2015 World Cup Winner Shanghai, China
2015 IWWF European Champion
2014 WWA World Champion (Women’s Professional and Pro Women’s Features)
2014 IWWF Vice World Champion
2014 IWWF European Champion
2013 WWA World Champion (Women’s Professional)
2013 IWWF European Champion
2012 IWWF Junior World Champion